The Art of LD Grant, Los Angeles Artist
West Coast Lowbrow Art by LD Grant at Gutterfresh


ldGrantHeadshot.jpgLD Grant's work is the culmination of searching for meaning in a media-hungry world. His is a notion that maybe--maybe!--piling non-sequiturs of historical, allegorical, and pop-culture reference will give a message to the artisanal work. Or the viewer. Or is the imagery just a short attention-spanned illusion of meaning?

When considering the materials used in Grant's work, most cognoscenti will see a correlation with the traditions of commercial art. It is his masterful layering of these craftsman's media--watercolor, acrylic, Krylon, colored pencil, pastel, ink--that builds a deeper interplay than when singularly used.

LD was raised in Chicago (with a brief stint in Las Vegas) and earned a BFA in Illustration from the American Academy of Art, the alma mater of legendary illustrators Haddon Sundblom, Gil Elvgren, and Alex Ross.